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Paid to Click

PTC means Paid To Click sites. Almost all PTC sites are free to join so we can earn money without any investment. PTC sites work as a mediator between the advertisers and the viewers.

It’s very simple to earn with PTC sites. First of all, you have to register yourself on PTC site. just click on the banners or Name of PTC and complete signup process. Usually, they will provide 4-25 advertisement per day, you have to simply click on a link and view a website for 10-30 seconds to get paid for that advertisement. The pay rate for per visit ads is up to $.01. You can earn the share of referral earning. So the more the referral the more you will earn. Referrals are those persons whom you have to refer to join the program.
An estimate of earnings is shown below. It is assumed that you have 100 referrals which are easy to get. But all of them won’t be active so let’s take half referrals as active ones.

a) With your Clicks : 4 ads x $.01 = $ 0.04 / day
b) With referral clicks: 50 x 4 ads x $.0.005 = $
Total Earning a+b = $ 1.04
Monthly Earning = 30 x $ 1.04 = $31.20
If you join just 10 best PTC sites, your potential earning will be:10 x 31.20 = $ 312 / month
This is Estimate Earning. Its depend on PTC Sites and Referrals activities.
Overtime, earning will be getting better and better

For Click on all ads in one PTC, you need just 5-6 minutes. If you don’t have time join only Neobux & Clixsense and Promote.

This best work at home Program to earn decent money. You can increase earning with watching videos, completing survey/task/offers, Facebook likes, PlayingGames, Manual surfing, PaidtoSignup etc.You can also advertise your Blogs, Websites, Products in PTC sites with low price.

PTC Tips & Tricks

1) Open Paypal or Payza A/c
2) Choose carefully PTC Sites you are joining.
One Computer one ID only
3) Don’t Quit. You must be Consistent and patients.
4) Join as many Sites as you can handle within your time.
5) Click 2 or more Ptc Sites at the same time It can save your time.
6) Create Blog or Website to promote all your Sites in one place to get more Direct Referrals.
7) Use Traffic Exchange Sites, Advertising sites, Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Sites to Promote your Link

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