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Best Traffic Exchange Sites for free Advertising

Earn Money Online with Free Traffic Exchange Sites

Best 4 Traffic Exchange Sites

The exchange of web traffic on the basis of “if you visit my site I visit yours”
There are many sites which offer Traffic Exchange as a service to their members and provide a no cost way to acquire visitors. You need only to join and submit your blog/website on a traffic exchange site. You need to earn credits by clicking on ads which direct them to websites of other members. According to earned credits, your website advertised to other users within the exchange. That is, the more you visit other websites the more your website is advertised to other members.
Certain exchange websites permit you to sell or trade your credits for cash. They give you $0.30 to $0.50 per 1000 page surfed depending on Exchange sites.
Traffic Exchange sites are more useful for downline building, for getting direct referrals for PTC sites and other affiliate programs.

1) EasyHits4U: Since 2003, Minimum Cashout $3, Payment Via Paypal/Payza
Best and huge traffic exchange site over 6,50,000 members. 1:1 traffic exchange,
5 levels referral program (10%-5%-3%-2%-1%),
Receive cash for active surfing ($0.30 for 1000 sites viewed) plus bonuses every 25 pages,
Geo targeting of your ads. You can promote up to15 sites.
Best traffic exchange site to boost traffic to your website.

2) HitLink: Since 2007, Minimum Cashout $10, Payment Via Paypal
12 seconds timer. Fast effective quality traffic. Thousands of potential prospects.
Progressive surf ratio – the more you surf the more you earn.
You even get to keep your earned ratio the next day.
“Rush Hour” sessions where you earn 2x your ratio.
Win credits, banners & text Imps after each 15 pages surfed
Surf for Credit or Money also.

3) NewWaySurf: Earn cash for every page view (dynamic cash ratio up to $0.02 for 100 pages)
Commission 50% of the cash earned by your Referrals & 25% Commission on Surf Credit.
Forevery10sites you surf today your credit and cash ratio increases for tomorrow.
Since 2009 Minimum payout $5 thru Payza.

4) TrafficG: Since 2000, 18 seconds timer, 1: 1.1 surf ratio. Geo targeting of your ads.
SuperSurf service. (Traffic exchange). SuperStart service. (Start page exchange).
Exchange service. (Powerful banner exchange). My promotions service.
30% Cash Commission. 5 Level Reward Programme Directory and search engine.

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How to earn money with Neobux

Neobux strategy



Click Ads: You will get 20-25 Ads of $0.001 daily with 3 Neopoints per ads with this Neopoints you can extend your rented referrals for more days. You will also get 3 ad prize per ads you view. Click on Adprize and try your luck you can win Dollars or Golden membership.

Rented Referrals: You can rent referrals from Neobux to work for you. You will get a commission from them. 1 rented referral will cost you $0.20 for one month. You have to manage rented referrals as per their click average and earning otherwise it’s difficult to make a profit. Renting referrals for more days with more discount will help you to get more profit.

Direct Referrals: Getting more Direct Referrals will make you more profit. You need to promote your referrals link after 100 clicks or after working 30 days in Neobux.

You can try offers and Surveys for the extra money.
Visit the forum to know everything about Neobux. Eg. Tips, Tricks, Statistic, Success Stories etc.


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How to earn money with Clixsense- Clixsense strategy

Clixsense strategy



Clixsense Affiliate program is the best online program in PTC. You can earn commission on when your Direct Referrals ClicksonAds, CompleteTask, Offers, Surveys, Referrals Signup Commission, Advertising Sales etc.

When your Direct referrals upgrade you will earn $2 & When your Indirect Referral upgrade you will earn $1 up to 8th Level. There is no limit of Direct Referral so your earnings potential is unlimited.

A good part of Clixsense Affiliate programs is you can earn commission on your referrals every activity.

Task: To start Task login with your Facebook account and try to complete the task with good accuracy. It looks boring at the start but after practice, for few days you can earn $5 to $10 daily.

Survey & Offers: First complete Survey Profile and wait for the survey. If you qualify for surveys you can earn $0.30 to $2 or more for each survey. Clixsence is associated with many survey companies.

Clixgrid: You can try your luck in the Clixgrid game. Just click on any box and wait for the result. You can earn up to $ 10 in Clixgrid.

Install “Clixaddon” toolbar for an alert of available ads, Survey, and Tasks.

Try to complete daily Checklist for a bonus of 5% to 16% on your earning. (depending on your Membership)

Forum: Daily visit forum for Tips about earning money & you can ask any queries for senior members.

Latest Update 24.07.2017

Payment Methods: Payoneer, Skrill, Tango Card & Payza (No Paypal) Minimum Cashout $10

No PTC and Clixgrid ads will be available now.

Earn with Survey, Offers, and Task

Affiliate Commission: $2 on Referral Signups (After earning of $5) plus 20% commission on Survey, Offers, and Task completed by your Referral.


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Earn Money With PTC Sites

Earn With PTC

Earn With PTC

Best 7 PTC Sites

You can earn money with PTC Sites. There are more than hundreds of PTC sites online. Following are the list of PTC Sites which are paying its member from many years and I have also earned money from them.

1) Clixsense: Since 2007, Minimum Cashout $10, Payment Via Payza, Payoneer, Skrill, Tango Card & Check (US & Canada). Clixsense is now Survey Site, not PTC.
Earn with PTC, Survey, Offers, Task, Clixgrid etc. Referral Commission $2 on Signup and 20% on Survey, Offers, and Task completed by your referrals.
You can Earn Daily $5-$10 with Task & Survey. Try to do more & more Task. Try to complete Checklist to earn Bonus.

Note. Clixsense is now Survey Site not Paid to Click Site

2) Neobux: Since 2008, Minimum Cashout $2, Payment Via Paypal/Payza/ Netseller Earn with PTC, AdPrize, Tasks, Offers etc. 20-25 ads daily. Instant Payment Try for Direct Referrals to earn money. Or Rent Referrals for more Days to earn a profit.

3) DonkeyMails: Since 2005, Minimum Cashout $1, Payment Via Paypal, Payza, EgoPay, OkPay, PayToo, SensiPay, PM & STP .Earn with PTC, Paid to read Mail, PTP, Manuel Surf, Playing Games, Sign ups etc. Referral Commission up to 5th Level.You can earn Prize & Credits with Manual Surf. Earn with PTP on Donkeymail Approved Sites.Upgrade with $10 to $ 180 Yearly or Monthly. It will increase Chance to get Direct Referrals & Earning.


4) BuxVertise: Since Apr-14, Minimum Cashout $4, Payment Via Paypal, Payza, Netseller and SolidTrustPay. Earn with PTC, BuxGrid, Wheel of Bux, Offers etc. Instant Payment.Try Daily Raffel /Wheel of Bux to earn money. Or promote Buxwheel to earn.

5) Jills Click Corner: Since 2006, Minimum Cashout $1, Payment Via Paypal/Payza/Okpay/PM/Sensipay/SolidTrustEarn with PTC, Paid to Signup, Speen Wheel, Games etc. Low Upgrade Price

6)No-Minimum: Since 2004, Minimum Cashout $1, Payment Via Paypal/Payza/Liberty reserve.Same owner/features like Donkeymail.

We have removed BuxP from this list because its going to shut down soon.

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