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Affiliate Marketing Programs in India

Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a good presence on social media or if you have blog or website with decent traffic you can start to earn money online by promoting product & services of companies like Amazon, eBay etc. There is more scope in this field because of high growth in online shopping. Govt. of India promotes digital transactions to encourage the Cashless economy. In future Online Affiliate Marketing going to increase in India.

In Affiliate marketing, We recommend people to buy the right product with providing them some information about the product in return we can earn 4% to 20% or even more (Clickbank) commission from a company. You need to only choose product related to your blog or website topic.

If you don’t have blog or website then also you can earn money with promoting affiliate product on various social media & community or by creating a free website in blogspot.com or in wordpress.com.

In the Product related topic websites like Top 10 Smartphones or Laptops or related to Watches, Clothes, Shoes etc We need to write detail information & reviews about the particular product to convert in the sale. This is online shopping websites.
For Product related Website: Flipkart, Amazon, SnapDeal, eBay, Infibeam, Yepme, Shimply.com

In travel related topic website like Tours & Travels, Hotels, Historical Places etc.
For Travel related Website: MakeMyTrip, Yatra.com, Booking.com, TripAdvisor.com, Expedia.in

In Matrimony related topic website like astrology, horoscope, dating etc
For Matrimony related Website: Shaddi.com, Bharat Matrimony, Jeevansathi.com, VivahBandhan.com, MatrimoneyMatch.com

For Job-related Website: Monster.com, Indeed.com, CareerBuilder.co.in, Freelancer.in

For Domain Name/ Hosting service: Hostgator, GoDaddy, Bigrock.com

Other Affiliate Program: vCommission, DGM India, IndiaMart, Zapak.com, Apple.com, Reebok.com

There are hundreds of websites offering affiliate program directly or indirectly to increase their sales, income, and popularity. Join only those program which is right for your interest, knowledge, and blog.

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Earn Money With Amazon

Selling used books or save on purchasing of used books.

About last year, John found himself looking for a book he wanted to buy. As an enthusiastic reader, he found it very helpful to go to this site as well as to tap to the vast quantity of used books that came to him in the perfect situation. After making several purchases, a light went off in his mind. He understood, after looking around at the stacks of books he’d gathered he may sell these books and at least get a few of his money back for them. John learned increasingly more about it business and truly turned it into a healthful second income for him.

Why not? He loved to read and he loved to get things back in the type of money also! Amazon.com is an internet site which millions of people venture to every day to make purchases. Lots of the sectors leading retailers have their websites linked to Amazon as it draws a lot of viewers. What’s also good is that Amazon has these on the searches that people do for associated products. Which implies that people can choose to pay full cost or they could go with a used merchandise. For those that have libraries of books that you’ve read, or planned to read about a decade ago, there may be an industry for them.

Just if you’ve dusty books which are in decent shape you might find that Amazon is the perfect place for you to discover a style of getting rid of them and earn some cash for it. You’ll first need to list with Amazon as a vendor. Next, take a seat with a stack of books that you want to sell. All you should do so is list the title and writer on the website and Amazon do all the rest for you. They offer all the information on the book to the viewers. Like eBay, Amazon may charge you a part of the quantity that you sell the book for. To make it profitable, it’s essential for the person to research how well the books of this kind or by this author are available. You don’t want to really go so high as to maintain the book from being sold, but you do not want to really go so low as to weaken your profitability.

Like Books, you can sale or buy other things like Smartphone, Computer, Laptops or any stuff to earn money.

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Social Media – Drive Traffic to your Blog/Website

Drive Traffic With Social Media

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media Website plays an important role in Generating Traffic to your Blog & increase sales of product and services. Following are the Social Websites and Social Communities List which can help you to rank your website. Just place your link in profile or post with information. Alexa rank may be up or down. Best 20 Social Website list to drive traffic.
1) Facebook: Facebook is largest social website its Alexa rank is No.3 with billions of users. Join groups related to your niche, make Friends and Share your Blog Posts with them. Create attractive FB Fan page about your product or blog and update information daily.
2) Twitter: Twitters Alexa rank is No.14.It is the second most popular social network. Just try to increase followers list to generate more Traffic.
3) LinkedIn: LinkedIn Alexa rank is No.18 with millions of professional users using this website so the quality of traffic is very good.
4) Pinterest: Alexa rank No.28. Pinterest is a Bookmarking, photo sharing website. It’s a “Catalog of Ideas” to share with people. Pinterest allows people to create a page for promoting their business online.
5) Google+: Alexa rank No.1. Share your Blog Post on Google+ as social signals are used to page rank and it helps to increase Author Rank (Identity) about the post. If you are popular in Google+ your chance of rank high will increase.
6) Reddit: Alexa rank No.73.In Reddit, you can submit content or direct link to your website. Reddit is social news platform and allows users to submit content and vote other users contents.
7) Yahoo Answers: Alexa rank No.4.Yahoo Answers is popular Q&A site on the internet. There are almost all category Q&A available in Yahoo. Answer related to the question of your niche with reference to your website. It will send you traffic.
8) YouTube: Alexa rank No.3.YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform. Make comment on the related video with the backlink to your blog. Millions of users using youtube to share videos and their website.
9) HubPages: Alexa rank No.534. If you write and submit a good article in Hubpages it can generate traffic for you. Best hub page articles rank high in Google.You can share your advice, related reviews, Ideas, Tips with other authors.
10) StumbleUpon: Alexa rank No.157.StumpleUpon is a social bookmarking platform with millions of users. Share your web pages on this site to drive traffic.
11) MySpace: Alexa rank No.836. Create MySpace page and start posting and connecting with customers. You can add an external link in your post.
12) Inbound.org: Alexa rank No.8554 & No.5. Inbound.org is a good community of professional people who like to read & share interesting contents.
13) Scoop.it: Alexa rank No.624. Create and grow your online business with publishing curated content. Curated means gathering information about a particular topic, discuss on content and connect with people on the similar topic.
14) Delicious: Alexa rank No.1068. Delicious is a social bookmarking website for share, store and discovers web bookmarks or links.
15) Squidoo: Alexa rank No.686. Squidoo allows you to create content related to your topic and submits with your blog backlinks.Squidoo is a community website.
16) Wikipedia: Alexa rank No.6. Wikipedia is an online information/ list (encyclopedia) that allow anyone to edit articles. Post your personal identifier information. Choose a username, Create your own page to share information about yourself, Communicate with other editors with talk page, Exchange emails etc.
17) Flickr: Alexa rank No.74. Flickr is photo sharing website.Upload interesting photos & Videos so that people can connect with your profile and may click on your website link.
18) Quora: Alexa rank No.432. Quora is working like Yahoo Answers (Q&A Network) You need to help people solve their problems.
19) Instagram: Alexa rank No.41. Instagram is photo sharing website like Flickr, You can promote your website in Instagram. Signup & add your link in bio. Post relevant photos & videos. Start following peoples
20) SlideShare: Alexa rank No.123. You can share slides, presentation, documents, Infographics, PDFs, videos & webinars also.
You can join other Websites also to generate traffic. Like Technorati, Blog Engage, Alltop, Triberr, List.ly, Visual.ly, BizSugar, JustRetweet, Viral Content Buzz, Slashdot, Yahoo Voices, Growth Hackers, LinkedIn Publishing Platform etc.

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Best Advertising Networks to Monetize Blog to Earn Money Online.

Monetize Blog to Earn Money Online

Blog Monitization

Blog Monetization

There are lots of Advertising Networks which can we use to monetize our blog to earn money online. Following are the list of Sites as per CPC(PPC-Pay Per Click), CPM and CPA. Choose best Ad Network to maximize your online income. CPC (Cost Per Click) Networks pays as per clicks and Pay rate depends on Advertiser. CPM (Cost Per Mille) or CPI (Cost Per Impression) network pays their advertisers for every 1000 page views and rates may be $1 or $10 per 1000 page views depends on a various factor. CPA (Cost Per Action/ Acquisition) Network Pays for a valid action towards their goal set by them to improve sales like Signup as a free member, filling of short form or try a free sample of product etc. CPS (Cost Per Sale) Network Pays you commission as per sales of product or services.

Best Advertising Networks to Monetize Blog to Earn Money Online.

Best CPC/PPC (Cost Per Click) Advertising Networks

1) Google Absence
2) Media.Net (Yahoo, Bing Network)
3) Chitika
4) Clicksor
5) Infolinks
6) Bidvertiser
7) Adhitz
8) Adbuff
9) Vibrant Media
10)Kontera (Amobee)

Best CPM (Cost Per Mille) Advertising Networks

1) Advertising.com (AOL.Com)
2) Burst Media
3) Adsoptimal
4) Amazon CPM Ads
5) Propeller Ads
6) Conversant Media
7) Exponential (Tribal Fusion)
8) Casale Media
9)Techorati Media
10)Yes Advertising

Best Affiliate Networks to Monetize Blog

Best CPA (Cost Per Action/ Acquisition) Affiliate Networks

1) Commission Junction (CJ)
2) LinkShare
3) Neverblue
4) Peerfly
5) ShareASale
6) MaxBounty
7) W4
9) Revenue hits

Best CPS (Cost Per Sale) Affiliate Networks

1) Amazon Associates
2) Click Bank
3) Rakuten Linkshare
4) Commission Junction(CJ)
5) ShareASale
6) Affiliate Window
7) eBay Enterprise
8) Link Connecter
9) TradeDoubler

Indians can earn money with Flipkart & Snapdeal Affiliate Program also.

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Sell my stuff online for cash

Sell Stuff on OLX and Quikr

Quikr & OLX

Quikr & OLX

OLX Started in March 2006.OLX and Quikr in 2008. offers Classifieds marketplaces thru their website and apps. OLX operates in more than 40 countries. Quikr & OLX both are very effective for local advertising. Just choose your area of advertising like Mumbai or Delhi Region.

Product: If you have old things which are lying unused in your home since a long time you can sell this thing online on Quikr or OLX. Just take the high-quality photo and upload with some information about a product to sell. You can also collect more stuff from your friends or neighbors to sell online with a commission. Some people purchase things on cheap price and sales on higher price in Quikr or OLX.

Services: Services like Real Estate Agent, Job Consultancy, SEO, Marketing Service or any other service which can you offer to the client for the commission.

Marketing & Advertising: You can advertise anything on Quikr or OLX absolutely free or if you need more and early response you can take their advertising package. You can advertise your Business & Services, Website, Blogs, Real Estate, Job & services, Pets etc.

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Earn Money with Selling Photos Online

How to Make Money Selling Photos

Sell Photos

Sell Photos

If you have high-resolution Camera & if you can take quality pictures of Nature, People or anything which can be interested or extraordinary then you can earn money from selling photos online.

There are lots of people need Photos & Images to use for their Website, Books Cover, Magazines, Poster, T-Shirts, Calendar or for any use and they can pay for Right to use of requiring photos & images.

Whenever someone purchased your photos you will get paid as per your defined price or on commission as per particular sites. Good thing is that you will get paid multiple times with selling of same photos to different persons. Your Photo or Image will make money for you many years. So you need to only upload pictures on Stock Photography Web sites. See which categories photos selling well and create the portfolio as per demand.

There are many Stock Photography Websites like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Fotolia, Photobucket, Alamy, PhotoShelter, Fotomoto, Pixpa, PhotoMollah, SmugMug, CanStockPhoto, 123RF, Dreamstime Snapped4U etc. You can try any site to earn some money online but don’t expect more money at the start. See rules & regulation, Payment Structure, Commission etc before joining. You can sell photos directly or thru above-mentioned web sites depend on you. Photos & Images should not be ownership or copyright issues. Most sites pay with Paypal, Bank Transfer or Cheque.

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Earn Money With Fiverr

Earn Money Online With Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular platform for Freelancer, Student or any person who want to earn some extra money. You can buy any service or sell any service in $5 each they call it “Gigs”. Take only those gigs which can be complete without spending much time & Money.

You can buy some software to reduce the time of gig work. See some examples. To make back links you can buy a product like SENUKE or Scrapebox etc. For videos purchase Video Maker FX or to convert Photos to Painting purchase related software or see any software available for free to reduce work time. Software’s can increase your speed of work with accuracy. So that you can complete more gigs to earn more money.

Fun & Bizarre: In this section, we can offer any service like Making of funny videos, Logos, Release our names/Brandsballoonin to a sky, Making the frank call to someone, Scare someone’s friend, Make a funny photo of someone, Create Tattoo on Belly or Face etc. Any new interesting ideas can earn you more.

SEO: We can earn money to help website or blog owner to do some SEO work for them. Work Like Create back links for website, Content Writing, Comment Posting, Article Submission, Rank website, Website tester etc

Social Media Promotion: Offer Facebook likes, Tweet, Retweet for someone but you need to big friends & follower to give this service. Or you can find someone for this work so that you can earn a commission.

Create Videos: Many companies or person looking for someone who will create high-quality videos for their product or services. If you can create a video as per client requirement or video recording is your hobby then it will help to make some money online. Videos like Whiteboard, 3D Animation or Hand drew videos.

Create Logos: Create creative logo as per client requirement and sold it to them.

Data Entry: You can get data entry work from a person or company. Just try to finish your accurate data entry work in a time limit.

Other Gigs: Translation, Teaching, Draw Cartoon, Hold Signboard for someone, even create gigs about I will answer 10 question about so and so City or Country etc.

Fiverr is more useful if you use it cleverly. Rank your Website, Business Promotion, FB Likes, Tweeter Followers and many more services available only in $5. So it will increase your website traffic, Sales & Services. Or you can Offer all services to the third person at the higher price and get work done in $5 by Fiverr.

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PayPal account in India

How to open and verify PayPal account in India

Paypal In India


If you start earning online, you need a mode of payment to receive & send money online. We use a Credit card or debit card to make payment but to receive payment from the international company we need to take help of services like Paypal, Payza, Google Wallet etc. Most of Online Companies pay with Paypal so it’s essential to open Paypal account.

As per RBI rule, Indian Paypal users can not store money in Paypal account. If you receive money from any international company it will go in your linked bank via Paypal within 3-4 working days.You can not use Paypal money for payment but we can make payment from our bank via Paypal.

Steps to open Paypal Account

1) Go to Paypal.com and click get started. On the next page, you have to select Personal Account. (We can change Business Account later if require )
2) Enter your Name & Email then click continue
3) Fill the Form (Name, Date of Birth, Address, Mobile No.) and Click Agree & Create Account
4) Link your Credit or Debit Card. We can link it later.
5) Now you have to confirm your email. Check email click on activation link & activate Paypal account.
6) Fill security questions carefully its help you in a case of Password recovery.
7) Add your Bank details like Bank Name, Account No., IFSC Code etc. Paypal will send you 2 small deposits in 3-4 days (eg.1.05 & 1.20). Check your bank statement and login Paypal account to confirm exact amount.
8) Add your PAN Card (Paypal & PAN Card name should be same)

Add PAN Card, Confirm Email, Add Bank Account and Purpose Code (eg. Advertising & Market research ) to create Verified Paypal Account

Link Credit/Debit Card: We can link any credit card to Paypal account but only selected banks debit card works with Paypal. As per my information Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank & City bank debit cards can link with PayPal. I am using Indian Bank World Master Card (With Gold Chip) and its work fine to make payment via PayPal. If you don’t have a credit card you can create it on a certain amount of fixed deposit. Contact your bank for more information.

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Best 5 CPC/PPC Ad Networks

Earn Money With Your Website/ Blog

If you have blog or website then you can earn decent money displaying following companies ads on your website. Earning depends on Traffic, Location, Keyword and Ad Network Company.

Best 5 Ad Networks

1) Google AdSense
Google AdSense is the undisputed king of PPC Ad networks. Gooogle provides high quality & High rate ads (even $50 per click ) to the website, blog owners. Google AdSense has own rules to approve website. We should follow all rules and regulation of google to Approve & work continue. Google can terminate your account at any stage. They follow zero tolerance policy so stay away from fraud clicking & other fraud activities.
Several forms of payment available to you, including Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), wire transfer, checks, and Western Union Quick Cash. Payment threshold is $100.Paypal/Payza options are not available in Google Ad sense. Indians can withdraw with Wire Transfer or Check.

2) Bidvertiser
Payment threshold is only $10 (Paypal/WireTrasfer) and for $100 (Western union & Check). The network is Online Since 2013. Alexa rank is around 1000 its indicates popularity. Bidvertiser is a good option if you banned by Google AdSense.It’s work with Google AdSense ads also. The approval process is very easy & instant. No barrier of Traffic Volume & Language etc. You can earn with Visitors click & theirClick Conversion (Purchase) also.
ReferralProgram: If someone signup as advertised and spend $10 you will get $5. If referral spends $50 you will get $20. If signup as publisher and earn $10 you will get $10. If referral earns $50 you will get $40.

3) Infolinks
Infolink is a popular & big network. It’s best In-text advertising network.They work with the best brand like Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, Pizza hut etc. Their ads are in very small size or in hyperlinks and visitor need only click with the mouse on the hyperlink to see the ad. The approval process is quite short. Their support team is very cooperative. It works with AdSense ads. Payment threshold is $50 for Paypal, Bank Wire.Echeck, Payoneer etc.Refer publisher and earn 10% of their revenue up to 12 months.

4) Media Net
These ad networks belong to Yahoo-Bing. Best quality ads, high rate, Mobile ads, multiple size ads are some features of Media.net. Payment via Paypal or Wire Transfer Minimum $100.

5) Adhitz
Started on 2009. Its subsidiary company of Clixsense. Best ad network forAdevertisers as well as Publishers. Adhitz is best for website related to paid to click, Affiliate marketing or other online earning websites. More Advertising option available in Adhitz (13 size ads for text ads & 4 size ads for banner ads). If you are new in CPC try this ad network because it’s easy to work. They pay 0.03 to 0.18 per click depending on visitors country.They show detail statistic of Click & Earning. Payment threshold is $25 thru PayPal.

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PTC Tips & Tricks

PTC means Paid To Click sites. Almost all PTC sites are free to join so we can earn money without any investment. PTC sites work as a mediator between the advertisers and the viewers.

It’s very simple to earn with PTC sites. First of all, you have to register yourself on PTC site. just click on the banners or Name of PTC and complete signup process. Usually, they will provide 4-25 advertisement per day, you have to simply click on a link and view a website for 10-30 seconds to get paid for that advertisement. The pay rate for per visit ads is up to $.01. You can earn the share of referral earning. So the more the referral the more you will earn. Referrals are those persons whom you have to refer to join the program.
An estimate of earnings is shown below. It is assumed that you have 100 referrals which are easy to get. But all of them won’t be active so let’s take half referrals as active ones.

a) With your Clicks : 4 ads x $.01 = $ 0.04 / day
b) With referral clicks: 50 x 4 ads x $.0.005 = $1.day
Total Earning a+b = $ 1.04
Monthly Earning = 30 x $ 1.04 = $31.20
If you join just 10 best PTC sites, your potential earning will be:10 x 31.20 = $ 312 / month
This is Estimate Earning. Its depend on PTC Sites and Referrals activities.
Overtime, earning will be getting better and better

For Click on all ads in one PTC, you need just 5-6 minutes. If you don’t have time join only Neobux & Clixsense and Promote.

This best work at home Program to earn decent money. You can increase earning with watching videos, completing survey/task/offers, Facebook likes, PlayingGames, Manual surfing, PaidtoSignup etc.You can also advertise your Blogs, Websites, Products in PTC sites with low price.

PTC Tips & Tricks

1) Open Paypal or Payza A/c
2) Choose carefully PTC Sites you are joining.
One Computer one ID only
3) Don’t Quit. You must be Consistent and patients.
4) Join as many Sites as you can handle within your time.
5) Click 2 or more Ptc Sites at the same time It can save your time.
6) Create Blog or Website to promote all your Sites in one place to get more Direct Referrals.
7) Use Traffic Exchange Sites, Advertising sites, Facebook, Twitter and Other Social Sites to Promote your Link

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